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There is no more stylish, fresh and modern way to present your fashion brand to your customers than the ghost mannequin effect. Also known as the invisible mannequin, this look just shows the garment. It looks precisely as it would look on a mannequin or a person – and that person is your customer.

Online shopping is booming and competition is stronger than ever. Showcasing your fashion in the best way possible is essential for consistently strong sales and to stay one designer shoe step ahead of your competitors. 

Ghost mannequin photography can work well alone or combined with other displays such as a model, hanger or flat lay. Shoppers see clothing and decide they like it; then they wonder what it will look like on them and consider the price. Presenting the garment in a range of situations, including on a ghost mannequin, will lift your sales. 

Why Ghost Mannequin Display Is Popular

Showing clothing using the ghost mannequin effect gives the most realistic view of the clothing possible. You can see how the fabric falls and the shape of the neckline, sleeves or waistline. There are no distractions in the image, such as models, accessories or background. It is an accurate representation of the garment you are selling.

Brands will usually show the ghost mannequin imagery first. It looks great on small devices like smartphones as it’s striking and bold. On laptops, computers and in print it looks fabulous too. Customers are drawn in by the eye-catching image that looks modern, stylish and clean. 

So how do you achieve that polished, sophisticated look that buyers adore? Let’s find out!

How To Edit Ghost Mannequin Images

Let’s assume you have set up a photo studio and taken quality images of your garments displayed on a mannequin. Now you have all the files ready for editing. Here is a step-by-step Photoshop guide on editing your pictures to get that magazine-worthy high fashion look that is so professional looking. 

Step One

Crop the image to remove any unwanted background areas. Now you have the image you will work on. This is your background. 

Step Two

Duplicate the layer so you can always go back to your original image in the layers palette if you need to start over. 

Step Three

Using the pen tool, slowly go around the outside of the garment.

Step Four

Select the path by holding down the control key and clicking on the path palate. 

Step Five

Inverse your selection and delete the background that is selected.

Step Six

Deselect the background layer.

Step Seven

If you are editing a top, you need to add the label on the garment’s inside, Crop around the collar, including the label. Move the collar image to your other image and put the layer underneath the first layer in the correct position. 

Step Eight

Using the erase tool, blend the images and use a brush size 20 – 30 with a zero feather setting.

Step Nine

Create a new layer for the shadow on the fabric inside (around the label). This will make your image look more life-like.

Step Ten

Using the brush tool, add shadow with opacity set between 30 – 40 %. 

Step Eleven

Choose a solid color for your background. White is always a winner, but you may wish to go with other colors to match your brand. Highlight the background to add a colored background. 

Step Twelve

Make final adjustments to your exposure, color saturation, contrast and any other final touches you prefer. Then save the file. 

Congratulations because you have completed your first image!

Your first attempts may look slightly unpolished, but don’t worry. As you practice, your skills will improve. Also, the speed you can complete each image will get faster if you are frequently editing. Once you master and memorize the steps, you will get more work edited at a faster rate so your work ready for marketing.

Apertura Services

As an entrepreneur, you are always thinking outside the box to find new and creative ways to run your business. 

There is another way of completing this task that is both affordable and innovative. 

Apertura is a fully automated photo studio specializing in product photography, including ghost photography, flat lays and detail product photography. We also offer short product video clips to meet the massive demand in product video marketing. 

At Apertura, we use high-tech machinery to offer a range of product imagery solutions for small-medium sized businesses like yours. We take care of the lighting, photography and post-production.  You can expect a professional result every time at an affordable price.

We understand small fashion labels, brands and online stores often don’t have huge teams to take care of all the business’s day-to-day running. Business owners are doing many jobs – wearing many hats, dresses and shoes. Some are even modeling their products! But at some point, support is needed and that’s where we come in.


The advantages of having Apertura take care of your workload are many. You can spend your valuable time doing tasks that only you can take care of. By investing your valuable time into tasks only you can do or tasks that are expensive to outsource, you can grow your business. 

You can relax knowing your fashion brand will have high-quality, consistent imagery. Customers gravitate towards professional-looking websites with eye-catching photography. With the latest technology, we can take your fashion line and photograph it quickly, inexpensively. Every batch of photography we send you will look the same – perfect, stunning and stylish. 

We can manage high volumes of products so that you can hand the work to us when you get busier. You won’t be stressed out wondering how you will manage your success.

You get the images back, ready to post online and market to the world. Please think of us as a high-class digital dry-cleaning service. We return your clothes to you looking like new, perfectly presented and ready to sell! 

If you want to know more about how we can help your business grow and thrive, drop us a line. We are excited to hear your fashion story and learn more about your company. 

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